The purpose of this article is to give those SchoolManager users who work on the academic/course admin side of things the ability to see in one place how the parts of the system that relate most closely to their positions fit together.

Here we will look at things from an intake point of view

It’s Thursday and I need to sort out students starting lessons next Monday

  • Where can I find a list of next weeks new students?

You should go to the Student Arrival Departure Report and then enter the dates you want to know the arrivals between. Don’t assume everyone will arrive on Sunday so widen the dates a little, you will find more information here.

  • Where can I find a list of all students enrolled on all courses next week?

The Course Bookings report allows you to insert a date and see which students are enrolled on what courses on any given day. You can just put in Monday’s date. More information is available here.

New arrivals won’t be on this, will they

  • What about organising classes, rooms and teachers now?

It’s Monday morning how do I manage the new intake?

You will probably have some sort of placement test to decide where to place new students. After you have done this you may want to record that on the student’s booking card here:


Once you have completed this for the new intake you can go to Classing ( see below ) there you will see the levels of all the new students and move them into appropriate classes. Later when you start completing progress reports for students any change to the student’s level will be fed back here. The level that is displayed here will also be used when printing leaving certificates.

I need to organise students into classes and place them with teachers

This is an important area so spend some time getting to know how to do this. You will need to look at the tutorials on Classing and Timetabling basically Classing is organising students according to their courses and levels and Timetabling is moving those classes into classrooms and matching them with teachers.

Ok. Everyone is placed, what should I be doing next?

  • Class Lists and Class Registers

Once students have been placed into classes and into classrooms and given a teacher (see above) class lists and class registers are ready to be printed. You will find them when you are in Classing.


Class lists are printed out on a day by day basis and registers on a week. Two points about this:

  • A student can see their individual class list if they log into their SchoolManager account.
  • Students under the age of 18 are marked as such on the registers.

Great, everything is running smoothly thanks to SchoolManager, what’s next?

  • Attendance.

Attendance can be put in on student by student, or day by day basis but you will find it much quicker to do it for the school in one go at the end of the week. This means collecting together the attendance sheets from the individual teachers and filling the attendance en masse. There are two parts to this as when completing attendance the system divides students into visa and non-visa students. This is a safety feature so that special attention can be paid to visa students.

You will find full details about filling attendance here.

  •  How do I find out who’s missing lessons?
  • Student Progress

Students’ progress can be recorded in SchoolManager; typically this is done on a weekly monthly basis and you can complete them for the whole school. Students when they log into their SchoolManager accounts can see their individual progress reports. There is an article here.

  • Student Assessments

Student Assessments are a more detailed than the progress reports mentioned above; typically they are completed on a monthly basis. Assessment certificates can be produced and printed in bulk. Students when they log into their SchoolManager accounts can see their individual assessment reports. There is an article here.

Friday is approaching and I need to think about students who are leaving

  • Which students are leaving at the end of the week?

At the beginning of this article we explained that you could find new arrivals using the Student Arrival Departure Report. You use the same report in the same way but instead of looking for arrivals search for departures. Click here for more. 

  • How do I prepare certificates for students finishing courses?

If you have uploaded the template for your school’s certificate you will be able to print certificates en masse for all students who are finishing a course. Just put the finishing dates – don’t just put Friday’s date – and follow the instructions here.

A quick question. Can individual teachers complete any of the above?

Teachers can log into the system but there is a limited amount they can do. SchoolManager was designed to allow quick and accurate completion of reports for the whole school in one go rather than teacher by teacher. There is nothing to stop you giving Senior Teachers, ADoSs etc., a higher level access to your account to help you get things done.

  • Our school interviews students during their stay. Can SchoolManager help?

You can schedule interviews using the student card. These will then appear on your school’s dashboard

  • We schedule activities and events for students. Can SchoolManager help?

There is a price category in SchoolManager called Sundry items this covers everything that isn’t a course, accommodation or transfer. You can create Sundry items that cover your activities and events: film night, Visit to Tower of London etc., and your administrator can add them to the student’s booking. You can then go to the Sundry Items Report and filter the students according to the activity and the date you are organising. More details here.


  • I want to know which students are enrolled on courses next Monday. 

The Course Bookings report allows you to insert a date and see which students are enrolled on what courses on any given day. More information is available here.

  • I would like an idea of future student numbers and on which courses.

There is a report that will give you 12 week forward view of bookings that your school has received. This is called the Course Projection Report. Click here for more details.