Working with Accommodation Hosts

We saw how to create an Accommodation Host here. Now we will look at working with them.

Go to Menu – Users – Accommodation – List and a list of your host families will appear:


Clicking on the ID opens the host’s card


The following tabs are now all active. Below we will look at them in more detail

2014-04-03_1750Accommodation Details

This brings together the details, descriptions and photos of the accommodation. This is one of the pages that a student who is booked into this accommodation will see. They can also scroll through the photographs. The descriptions of the host family and the accommodation are taken from main card shown above.


Room Schedule

This shows the rooms in the house on a week-by-week basis. The capacity and occupancy of each room is shown. Accommodation hosts can see this page when they log into their account.

2014-04-03_1759If you click on an item you get more details about the booking:



All the bookings this host has had with your school are stored here


Clicking on the Print Icon on the right will print a the Confirmation of Booking letter created automatically in Visas etc., on the student booking card. 


When an accommodation booking is placed with a host family all the fields below  are completed on the left up to the Agent’s name. The remaining fields are filled in when an invoice is created and updated when payments to the host family are recorded in Host Payments Report.



This is where you add rooms and upload pictures when you create an accommodation host.

You can also book a room here by entering the Booking ID number



This is a list of all students who have stayed in this accommodation



This is a place to store comments on the accommodation and hosts. These notes are not viewable by hosts or students.


Room Block

A host family may make a room unavailable to your school. Select the room enter the dates and click Save. This will it unavailable for bookings. If the situation changes clicking on the red X on the lefthand side will remove the booking.

You cannot block a room if it has a student booked into it for any part of the blocked period.