Creating an Accommodation Host

Go to Menu – Users – Accommodation – Add and a blank card will appear.

Web Access

The first section is for the hosts to access the system to see their bookings etc., See the notes in Creating Users – The Basics about user names and passwords. There is also an article on logging in here.


Host Details

Next we have the Host Details. These may not be the same as the accommodation address if the host does not live in the accommodation rented to students. If you upload a picture of the host here the student will be able to see it when they log into their account.


Banking Details

The host’s banking details are next. These can be used in making bank transfers elsewhere in the system.


Accommodation Details

The next section is the details of the student accommodation. We will look at the different areas.

The address of the student accommodation goes here. If this is the same as the address in Host Details (see above) then click the “As per Above” and the address will be copied down. The description is viewable by the student when they log into their account.

Below the address details there are two places to record when Gas and Police checks took place and two places where you can create alerts to appear on the dashboard for Contract Renewal and Review.

The section in the middle consists of items that are all drop-downs, these will be used in selecting accommodation for students according to both host and student preferences when matching students with accommodation. (This information is also included in the Host Preferences Report)

The last item is an area for you to upload a picture of the accommodation. The student will be able to see this picture when they log into their account.


When you have finished inputting data click Save.

If everything is okay you will get a successful message at the top of the page. If not look over the fields on the card for a message explaining what is wrong.

After the successful message if you go to “Click Here to Edit” it will take you to the accommodation host’s card and the 9 additional tabs at the top of the card will be activated and change from grey to blue.

Working with these tabs is explained in another article here.