Creating Prices for a Sundry Item

If we go to School Items – Sundry – List you will see the booking items for sundries. Here is what we have in our test school.


Below is a video on how to give sundry items prices, but first there is one page in the video which will need some explanation.

This is the price list page:


  • From Date – you cannot back date a price list. The date here must that day’s date or in the future. If you are adding new prices to an existing price item as soon as you click active the old price list in that currency will become inactive.
  • Currency – select the currency you are adding the prices for. You can have different currencies with different prices.
  • Default Commission – if you are paying agents for selling this item put the normal rate of commission here. If an individual agent receives a different rate you can add the rate for this item on their card.
  • Calculator – this is a fairly straight forward item we are adding and has one price for the item.

Here is a short video showing how to add prices to a Sundry Item: