Creating Prices for Accommodation

We saw when creating an Accommodation Booking item that Accommodation items are not created in the School Items section along with the other bookings items but by type in Look Ups under Accommodation Types:


Below is a video on how to give accommodation items prices, but first there is one page in the video which will need some explanation.

This is the price list page:


  • From Date – you cannot back date a price list. The date here must that day’s date or in the future. If you are adding new prices to an existing price item as soon as you click active the old price list in that currency will become inactive.
  • Currency – select the currency you are adding the prices for. You can have different currencies with different prices.
  • Default Commission – if you are paying agents for selling this item put the normal rate of commission here. If an individual agent receives a different rate you can add the rate for this item on their card.
  • VAT – There are default rates of VAT for each type of price item. You should enter your VAT rates in Settings.
  • Calculator – this is more complex than other booking items as we have two sets of prices. The Provider prices are what you charge students and agents and will appear on their invoices. The Supplier prices are what you pay host families and will appear in their finance items in the system. There is also an option to choose whether to add VAT to these prices, so if your school’s turnover means that you have to add VAT to prices, tick the box, but if suppliers don’t charge leave the box above the suppliers prices unticked.
  • All Before and From This Point are explained here.
  • Weekly and Daily rates – the rates you add here are used to calculate the cost of the students’ accommodation per week but it is charged on a per night basis. If a student stays in their accommodation from Saturday to Saturday this will count as 7 nights. If a student stays from Sunday to Saturday this is 6 nights and is calculated on a pro rata basis.

Here is a short video showing how to add prices to an Accommodation Item: