Administrator Overview

The purpose of this article is to give a brief overview of how the main parts of SchoolManager work; looking first at the work flow and later summarise and answer the typical questions a School Administrator might ask. This is obviously a shortened version and full details can be found in the tutorials.

Creating a Student

This is fairly straight forward, one basic rule is that when a student is created they are either a direct student or connected to an agent. This cannot be changed afterwards. If a student comes back to your school under different circumstances they will need to be created a second time. The default in the system is to show only active students so you may want to occasionally. There is a full article on creating a student here.

Top Tip

    • New students are always added to last page of Student List

Booking Items to a Student

The way this works it your school has a list of items it sells, these are courses, transfers, accommodation, sundry items and packages. These items are given prices and are held in a price list. When you create a booking first you create the parameters of the booking i.e. the start and finish dates, the price list and currency you are going to use:

2015-03-30_1915There is a detailed article on this firs stage here.

And then on the Finance card you select the items to add to the booking by clicking on the item type:


There is an article on adding items to the Finance card here. Once these items have been selected you can create an invoice on the Invoice card and documents will be created on the Visa card. The status of the booking items such as accommodation and transfers will be monitored and you can search for unbooked items.

Top Tip

  • Booking Card

Booking Card

You will probably spend a reasonable amount of time going to the Bookings tab on the student’s card. Here is a short cut from the Student List:


If you click on Book Now it will take you straight to the most recent booking the student has.

We will look at some typical School Admin questions:


  • Where can I see a list of all students’ accommodation that needs booking?

You should go to Reports – Accommodation – Accommodation Report and then search for Not Booked. You can combine this with a date range if you just want to see those within a certain period. You can see more here. You might want to print out the unbooked students and then use it in conjunction with Hosts Room Schedules. report and use when

  • Where can I find accommodation that is suitable and available and book it for a student?

You should go to Reports – Accommodation – Host Room Schedules and enter your requirements as filters. When you have entered them click Search and suitable accommodation will appear. You can book it using the Booking ID. For more details on this click here.

  • How do I send details of the booking and student to the host family?

When you book the room the details of the booking are filled in automatically into a letter that you can either email or print out and post. This letter is on the Visa’s etc., card of the student’s booking. You will find more about this here. You can also type into this letter, so if you want to add something to the standard letter just type it in.

  • How do I send details of the booking and host family to the student?

Students have a SchoolManager account that if you give them their user name and password they can log into and see all the details of their booking, including accommodation.

  • Where can I find what accommodation a student is booked into?

Go to Reports – Accommodation – Accommodation Report and then search for the student’s name. Click here for more on the report.

  • I need to know all students who are in school accommodation today.


  • Where can I find a list of all students arriving on/between certain dates?
  • Where can I find a list of all students arriving on/between certain dates and what they owe?
  • Where can I find a list of all students arriving on/between certain dates and who need accommodation booking?
  • Where can I find a list of all students arriving on/between certain dates who need a transfer booking?

You should go to Reports – Students – Student Arrival Departure and then enter the dates you want to know the arrivals between.

There are two possibilities

Firstly, you can go to Students tab on the Accommodation Host’s card and delete the student from the booking using the red X on the left-hand side. This will remove all traces of the booking and change the booking status of the item to Unbooked. You can then book new accommodadtion using the Booking ID.


Courses have started and a  student is unhappy with their course and wants to change courses. What can I do?

A student wants to cancel after having paid. What do I do?

Alter booking


A student wants to take a holiday in the middle of their booking. Course is booked for 5 weeks – wants week 3 away from school but to keep accommodation. Other version wants complete break in week 3.




How do I book accommodation


How do  I book a Transfer


  • I want to know which students are enrolled on courses next Monday. 

The Course Bookings report allows you to insert a date and see which students are enrolled on what courses on any given day. More information is available here.

  • I would like an idea of future student numbers and on which courses.

There is a report that will give you 12 week forward view of bookings that your school has received. This is called the Course Projection Report. Click here for more details.