Agents Finance Receipts

This is a page on the Agent’s card where you can add payments, allocate payments and search for where payments have been allocated.

The top part of the page is as follows:


Here is an explanation of the items on this part of the page.

  • Currency – you can search your receipts on a currency by currency basis or altogether. The currencies that appear here are those entered by your school in Look Ups – see here
  • Dates From & To – these are the search for receipts between dates.
  • Unallocated Only – you might receive a payment but not have instructions where to allocate it, or a payment is only partially allocated. Ticking this box will show only unallocated receipts.
  • Exlude Reversals – sometimes a payment or allocation of a payment needs to be reversed. The result of reversing are debits and credits which cancel each other out. Ticking this box will only show the net results of reversals.
  • Locations – if your school has a number of locatons you can search receipts on this basis.
  • Type – these are the types of payment your school receives. The payment types that appear here are those entered by your school in Look Ups – see here.

The middle and bottom sections look like this:


The receipts section shows you the receipt details and if you click on a payment then how that payment has been allocated is explained in the Receipt Allocation List. If you want to delete an allocation click reverse, the allocaton will be credited and the amount of the reversal added to the Unallocated column for that payment. There is a video at the bottom of this page on how to do this.

If you want to allocate an unallocated amount click on the orange ID number in the Receipts List section.

Adding Payments from Agents

There is a blue Create Receipt button in the above screen shot, this is where you input payments. It is explained in the video below. When you click on the Create Receipt button a page will appear, the top part of which looks like this:


Most of the page should be fairly straight forward but here are a few explanations:

  • Agent Reference – if you Agent has sent the payment with a reference put the reference here.
  • Write off – your agent may have sent the correct amount but you have not received all you should; maybe because of exchange rates, bank charges etc., If you don’t want to leave a debt on the Agent’s account you can put the shortfall amount in this box.
  • Allocation Rule – The system will allocate Agents’ payments to the items that make up the booking: course, transfer etc., in a predefined order.There is more on Allocation in Look Ups here.
  • Amount – this is what you received from the Agent.
  • Unallocated – this is how much of the amount received has not been allocated to

When all the required fields have been completed the grey OK button will turn blue. Click this to enter the payment into the system.

Here is a short video showing how to add and allocate an Agent’s payment:

Here is another video showing how to reverse a payment from an Agent and how to change the allocation of a payment:

Payments from individual agents are combined together in a Report called Agents Finance Receipts. Click here for an explanation


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