Working with Agents

We saw how to create an Agent here. Now we will look at working with them.

Go to Menu – Users – Agent – List and a list of your agents will appear:


If you click on the ID it will take you to the Agent’s card:



This first card contains the information input to create the agent. We will now look at how to use the extra tabs: Agent Notes, Agent Finance General and Agent Student List.

Agent Notes


Here is an explanation of the items on this card:

  • Show Note 1 at Enrolment – If this is ticked then the comments in the 3 boxes below will appear when you click on the Finance Card when you create a booking for a student connected to this agent.
  • Next Review Date – this will schedule an alert to appear on the dashboard to remind you that something needs attention.

The 3 boxes are places to store notes as you wish, as mentioned they will appear when you are booking items for a student connected to this agent.

  • Admin Comments
  • Visit Notes
  • Other Notes

Agent Finance

When you click on this tab it will reveal 2 sub menus.

Agent Finance Discounts  The discounts for school items which agents  sell are set as a default for all agents when creating Price Items. However, if an agent has a non standard discount you can create and store it here. When you book that item to the agent the discount here will over-ride the default. For more information on creating special rates for agents click here.


Agents Finance Receipts – This is where you can add payments received from Agents and allocate payments to specific bookings. The top section allows you to search and filter for receipts from the agent.  The results will appear in the Receipt List section. If you click on the receipt an explanation of where that payment was allocated will appear in the next section  Receipt Allocation List.

There is a full explanation on how to use this page here.


Going back to the main card we have:

Agent Student List

This allows you to search and filter the bookings which this agent has sent you item by item. There is a full explanation of creating and allocating receipts in here.



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