Agents Finance Receipts these take the payment receipts and allocations that are recorded on each individual agent’s card here:

and combine all the agents’ payment receipts and allocations in this report.

We will look at a video showing how to use the report but first we will look at the search section:


  •  Agent – the default is for all agents’ payments to appear but you can search by an individual agent as well.
  • Currency – all currency payments will show by default but you can search for payments in selected currencies.
  • Date From and To – search range
  • Unallocated – if you want to see only those receipts that haven’t been allocated tick this box.
  • Exclude Reversal – if an item was booked and then cancelled they will both show in search results. To remove them from results tick this box.
  • Locations – are your school’s locations. If you have different offices receiving payments you can select which to look at.
  • Type – search by payment received type.

All of these search items can be combined when searching. Here is a short video showing you how to call up the report.