How to create an Agent.

Agents are those people or companies that send students to your school. Each agent has one identity in the system. When students are created they are assigned to an Agent. If a student comes to you directly then they are assigned to the Direct Agent.

Here is how to create a regular business Agent. Go to Menu – Users – Agent – Add and the card will appear.

Contact Person Section.

This section holds the details of your main contact at the Agent.


Contact Information

The next section is for the company’s information


Web Access

See the notes in Creating Users – The Basics about user names and passwords. There is also an article on logging in here.



The Comments section can searched in Users – Agent – List. 

The Follow Up On if completed will create an Alert on the dashboard in the Agent – Reminder section. It is useful if want to schedule a reminder to call, or something connected to the Comment.


Bank Details


When you have finished inputting data click Save.

If everything is okay you will get a successful message at the top of the page. If not look over the fields on the card for a message explaining what is wrong.

After the successful message if you go to “Click Here to Edit” it will take you to the agent’s card and the 3 additional tabs at the top of the card will be activated and change from grey to blue.

Working with these tabs is explained in another article here.



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