Fill Attendance

After your lessons have taken place you will want to fill in the student attendance. SchoolManager allows you to do this in a few click by filling in all attendances for all classes in a few clicks.

To fill in attendance go to Course Admin – Fill Attendance – Settings and the following will appear:


Week begin from: select the Monday of the week you want to complete.

Course: select the course you want to complete. or leave will All if you are going to do all courses in one go.

Location: select location

Is Visa Student:  Some countries are very strict in requiring that students who need visas to study are recorded as present, absent etc., accurately. SchoolManager allows you to fill in the attendance of students according to their visa status. In the above example, as the Is Visa Student box is not ticked, if “Get Data” is clicked only non-visa students will appear. If the box is ticked only students who require visas to study will appear.

The system knows which students require visas because when you enter the student’s nationality on their card this is linked to a list of countries in your school’s SchoolManager account and the requirement for visas or otherwise is recorded there.

After “Get Data” is clicked the following will appear:


You can select an Attendance Status and apply this to all students. The status chosen has a weight and affects the attendance statistics of the student. There are 4 possible statuses that you can choose from.

  • Present – this would give 100% attendance.
  • Absent- the student was expected but did not attend; 0% attendance.
  • Part – the student was late; 50% attendance.
  • Excused – the student was given permission to miss the lesson. This does not count as absent, so it is possible for a student to not attend all lessons but still get 100% expected attendance.

You will find more information about weighting attendance here.

Here is a short video showing how to complete attendance:


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