Booking Accommodation

When you create a booking it is given a unique number in the system. You can find the booking ID number here:


and when you go into the Booking it will be at the top of the page here:


This is the number we will use to book the accommodation.

How to find accommodation items that need booking

1) The dashboard – will alert you to any unbooked transfers X days from today’s date into the future. The number of days is controlled via School Admin – Settings – Settings. This is typically what you will see:


2) The Accommodation Report  – This can be found at Reports – Accommodation – Accommodation Report. It shows all accommodation whether booked or unbooked, that has been ordered by students. You can filter by date, accommodation type, location etc.,  There is a detailed explanation of the report here

How to book Accommodation:

There are two ways this can be done

1) Go to the Host Room Schedules – You will find these at Reports – Accommodation – Host Room Schedules. You can filter the hosts according to the booking criteria. Click Book Now and add the Booking ID.

Here is a short video showing you how:

2) Go to directly to an Accommodation Host – If you know exactly which host you want to place the student with you can go straight to the Host’s card. You will not be able to apply search filters and parameters as you can when using the Host Room Schedules as mentioned in 1) above.

This short video shows you how: