Booking Items and Discounts

Agents – after you have created a booking item when you are adding prices for that item you can put a default commission that will be given to all Agents who book that item.


If a particular Agent is to receive a different commission than the default for an item you can add this to the Agent’s card via the Agent Finance Discounts tab. You can find out more about this here.


Students – direct students do not receive the commission discounts but are charged the full price. If you do offer direct students discounts to your standard price list there are two ways to handle this:

  • Sundry Items – if you have fixed amounts that you want to apply to a booking you can create it as a Sundry Item. This will then subtract a fixed amount from the invoice.
  • Booking Items – if your school has some flexibility in the prices which it offers students you will probably want to create a number of courses and a corresponding price list for each one like this:


You can see that they all feed into the same Class so the students will all be together in timetabling regardless of the price paid.

Some students, apparently, like to see the amount of the discount obtained on the invoice; using Booking Items to give discounts does not show this. If this is important you can add Comments to an invoice via the invoice tab.