Changing a Booking

Sometimes changes will need to be made to bookings. Here we will look at what can be done and how.

There are two important principles that need to be understood

Invoice Status – up to the point where an invoice is locked items can be added to and deleted from a booking. After an invoice is locked if you want to make changes you will need to reverse the whole invoice with a credit note and recreate the whole booking.

Duplication – a booking cannot have the same booking item appear twice. As an example, suppose a student has a booking for 3 weeks and wants to study IELTS only in the first and third weeks as follows:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Course IELTS Yes No Yes
Course GE 12 Yes Yes Yes
Accommodation Yes Yes Yes

The system will not allow exactly the same booking item ( IELTS ) to appear twice in the same booking. You could either create another IELTS booking item which would give it a different identity in the system or divide the booking into two, i,e:

Option 1:

Booking 1: Week 1 and Booking 2: Weeks 2&3

Option 2:

Booking 1: Weeks 1&2 and Booking 2: Week 3


We will now look at some examples of changing bookings.

Scenario 1 – A student wants to change the booking dates.

This will mean deleting all items and starting again with new booking dates. In this example we will assume that the accommodation has not been booked with a host family

Scenario 2 – A student wants to change the booked items.

This time we will assume the student wants to change the booked items and that the course and transfer have been booked. This means that before we can remove them we will need to cancel the bookings