This section deals with looking at what needs to be done to ensure that students who have booked items have the booking requirement fulfilled.

To summarize there are 4 types of item which can be ordered by a student: course, sundry, accommodation and transfer plus package which is a combination of the basic 4 items.

When these items are added to a student’s booking via the Finance Card the statuses of the booked items are shown. They are also updated as items are booked.


There are two items which are automatically shown as booked: course and sundry items. For courses this is because all course bookings are automatically fed through to Classing and Timetabling which means there is nothing more to do other than place the student in a classroom on the timetable.

Sundry items are recorded as booked as there is nothing that they can actually be booked into. Sundry items are typically social events, enrolment fees. In the case of a Sundry item type that you need to know numbers of participants a organise things you can xxxxxx

The remaining two items: accommodation and transfers are a type that need to be booked with a 3rd party and confirmed as booked. The booking of accommodation and transfers are looked in more depth elsewhere in this category.