Creating a Booking  – The Basics

First things first.

There are a number of items that must be in place before you can create a booking. Before you can select items to create and add to a booking you must first have created them as booking or price items and told the system which price list to use for invoicing purposes. Courses must also have been linked to Classes to help with timetabling.

Creating a Booking.

To Create a Booking go to the Bookings tab on the Student’s card.


If the student has had previous bookings they will appear here. A student cannot have two open bookings at the same time, so the status of any previous bookings must be Closed. If a student is new to your school a “No Records Found” message will appear.

To create a new booking click “Add Booking” and the following page will appear:


Here is an explanation of some of the items:

  • Booking Status – you may want to record how certain the booking is. There are 3 statuses possible: Booked, Provisional and Closed. You can search through bookings in the system to find bookings of a particular type. You can decide how to use these statuses i.e Provisional may mean the student is waiting for a visa.
  • Arrival Date and Departure Date – These are the dates used for booking accommodation. There is a default in the system that students are enrolled in courses from the Monday after their arrival date and to the day of their departure date.
  • Position – The default is Student, but you can add positions i.e. Group Leader via Look Ups.
  • Agent – Select the Agent that the student is associated with. If the student did not come to your school through an agent choose “Direct” in the drop down. Even if an agent has sent you a student you can still invoice items to either the student or agent.
  • School Location – If your school has a number of locations they should have been entered on your School’s account card.
  • Arrival Status – You might want to differentiate and search for students who have confirmed their travel plans. Confirmed and Not-Confirmed are the two statuses possible.
  • Student Price List – You can have a number of price lists to apply to different regions. Price Lists are explained here. From the drop-downs you need to select which price list applies to this student.
  • Student Currency – Currencies are also controlled via the price lists. Here you need to select which currency applies to this booking.
  • Enrolled Date – The date that the booking was created. We use this date elsewhere in the system to analyse between when bookings were created (Production Based Figures) and when the lessons actually take place (Performance Based Figures).
  • Level – You can create the levels you wish via Look Ups. If you have detemined the student’s level you can select it here. Anything you select here is transfered to the Classing section where you can compare different students’ levels when placing them in classes.
  • Test – Test results can go here, again this is  transfered to the Classing section where you can compare different students’ levels when placing them in classes.
  • Notes – Free space.

After you put in the details and click Save the 3 other tabs: Finance, Invoice and Visas etc., will become live

Here is a short video showing how to fill in the page;