Creating a Course Booking item.

Firstly, go to School Items – Course – Add and this will appear:


A few comments on the above:

For the Course Name and Course Code it is often a good idea to name them so as to be able to distinguish between different terms, type, years etc., Course Codes must also be unique.

The Start and End Date are important as a student cannot join a course whose dates are narrower than the student’s start and end enrolment dates. For example, if  Course A runs from 1st January to 30th June, and a student is enrolled from 25th June to 7th July, when you want to select a course to add to the student’s booking, Course A will not appear in the course options to choose from for that student.

You might also need to think about the prices for this course if you have seasonal prices. If you have a course priced, for example, as: Jan – May at £100 per week, Jun – Aug at £125 and Sept – Dec at £100 you would need to create three courses to handle the different prices and time periods.

Active – if a course is not marked as active it cannot be selected and added to a booking.

Class – there is an option to link with a Class or not. If no Class is chosen students for this course will be placed in the “Unassigned Student” section in Classing – they can then be moved into Classes. If you select a Class then students for this course will be placed in the relevant Class in the Classing section. As a Course needs to be created before a Class you can create your Courses and then your Classes and then link the Course to the Class.

 This is the most involved item to create as it has a number of connected factors.  There is an article here which explains the relationship between courses and classes.

Description – this is just for notes.

Location – select the location(s) of your school at which this course is available.

After you have created your courses if you go to School Items – Course – List you will see your courses there:


You can see that the General English 25 course has 3 identities so it can have 3 different prices but that they all go into the same Class for timetabling purposes. We have left one course without a link to a Class so we can see what happens in Classing and Timetabling.