Creating a Package Booking item.

A Package is when you group together two or more regular booking items and offer them at a special price. For example you may have a special promotion, saying, book this course and get a free conversation course or free registration included in the special package price.

First, go to School Items – Package – Add and this will appear: (We have filled this in to show you where it will appear later.)


A few comments on the above:

Package Name – give your package a name.

Code – give your package a code.

Price – the price here is not used in invoices etc., it is just a place to put the price of the package.

Master Price List – We need to link the Package with a Master Price List

Active – if a package is not marked as active it cannot be selected to add to a booking.

After you click Save, or return to the package item via School Items – Package – List, a section headed Price Items will appear at the bottom. You click on the categories: Course etc., to select the individual items that make up the package.


We will look at adding Price Items in more detail in video in this article Creating Prices for a Package