Creating a Transfer Booking item.

First, go to School Items – Transfer – Add and this will appear: (We have filled this in to show you where it will appear later.)


A few comments on the above:

For the Locations as it probably impractical to list all hosts’ addresses, it is a good idea to think of these as areas which agree with transport providers rates. i.e. Heathrow to North  Hove, Heathrow to South Hove. This will be easier when adding prices for these transfers in Price Items. The pick up locations are entered in Settings here. The actual addresses for the transfer are added automatically when booking the transfer.

Active – if a transfer is not marked as active it cannot be selected to add to a booking.

After you click Save if you go to Menu – School Items – Transfer – List you will see that it has been added to the system.


Adding Prices to a Transfer Booking Item

You will also need to give your transfer booking item a price so that it can appear on invoices etc., That is explained here.