Creating an Instalment Schedule

Some schools allow students to pay for their fees by making regular payments. To help schools control this we can create an instalment plan with alerts on the Dashboard to watch for due payments plus a Report that will allow you to view all missed and scheduled instalments in one place and help calculate cash flow etc.,

Creating a Debt

Before we can create an instalment plan we must create a debt for the student – not an agent. A debt is created when we create an invoice for a student.

After you have created the invoice, refresh the page and a student’s payments section will appear:


If you click on Create Payment the following will appear:

  • Amount – the amount of the payment.
  • Start Dates – when payments will start.
  • Frequency – there are four numbers in the drop down: 1,2,3, and 4. 1 is weekly, 2 is every 2 weeks etc.,
  • Events – the number of instalments.


So the following:


Will produce these instalments:


  • If the total does not exactly equal the debt you can adjust an instalment amount by clicking on the pen icon.
  • After a payment has been made you can delete it from the schedule by clicking the red X.

This is where upcoming instalments will appear on the Dashboard:


Reports – Student Payments will show you all payments for the school, missed and expected.