Creating Timetable Templates

Timetables are used in the system for putting courses, students and teachers into classrooms. A timetable is a basic layout of your classrooms showing the timeslots you have for lessons and breaks. You can create any number of timetable templates with different time frames but it is advisable to use only one at any given time. Here we will see how to create one.

When you click on the Timetable Template in your school account for the first time this is what you will see.

2014-03-26_2105Click on Add School Timetable Template. The first thing you will need to do is name your timetable. When you have done that click Add.

2014-03-26_2113and it will be added to Timetable Template List.

2014-03-26_2115The next thing we need to do is add the teaching and breaks between teaching. To do this click template ID (46 in the above example)

2014-06-09_1850Click Timetable – there is nothing in this account yet so click Add Timetable List

2014-06-09_1853Below you will need to add a code and then select the colours that you want to use on the timetable. When you have finished click Add

2014-06-09_1858and here it is in the list. Now we are going to add time slots.


Click View Slot and when the following appears Add Time Slot to it

2014-06-09_1907Time slots need to be added one at a time in chronological order. Here is an example of the pop up that appears when you click Add Time Slot:


  • Sequence is filled in by the system
  • From Time is the start of the time slot
  • To Time is the end of the time slot
  • Duration is filled in automaticaly
  • Time Slot Caption is filled in automatically
  • Bookable Slot. Will this time slot be used for lessons? Tick if yes. Breaks etc., should not be ticked
  • Reason
  • Active, only active slots will appear.

Here is an example of a time slots schedule. You can have time slots of different durations for teaching if you wish. In this example they are all 90 minutes but you could easily make one teaching period 60 minutes.


Here is what the above looks like on the timetable: