Creating Users – The basics.

When creating users: students, teachers etc.,  there are a number of points consistant to all. To save repeating these items for each type of user here is a summary of these basic points.

To go to the section where users are created click on the black circle next to SchoolManager


This will cause the menu to appear. Users is the first item on the list and if you click on that you will see where all the different types of users are held on the right.


When creating Users

Certain types of users need to be given user names and passwords to allow them to enter the system.

  • User Names

Must be unique to the whole system, so just putting “Anna” may not be enough if another school has already used that.  A combination of last names, initials, year of birth should be enough.

  • Passwords

Passwords must consist of a minimum 7 keystrokes and contain at least one number, one letter and one sign i.e. £$%@&(


  • Drop – down boxes

See the examples below for Title, Teaching Language, Gender and Nationality. What appears in the drop down box is controlled from elsewhere in the system. So if an item is missing you will need to add it before you can select it. For an article explaining drop-down boxes click here.

  • Asterisked items

Fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed. Sometimes you will choose from a drop down box and others enter the data.


  •  Save

When you have finished adding data to the card, click the blue Save button; there is one at the top and also at the bottom of the card. The screen will go slightly dark and say “In Progress” as it saves your changes. A message “Record updated successfully.” will then appear near the Save button. If this doesn’t happen please check the card for error messages. Typically, this will be that a required field hasn’t been completed.

  •  Emailing User Names and Passwords

After you have created your user you might want to send them their user name and password. You will find more information on emailing here