Your School’s account.

To get to your school’s account go to School Admin – School – List and click on the ID number.


(You will also see the option to Add a school. This is used for schools which have non-related branches like a franchise, where branches work independently of each other, but head office needs to have an overview of all. Leave the Add option to SchoolManager support to deal with as it can be quite complicated.)

After clicking on the ID number you will see the following:


This page will have been completed for you. The picture is where you can place your logo, so that when students etc., log into their accounts they will see it.

Email Settings

The lower part of the page contains your school’s email setting so that you can email from SchoolManager using your regular email address.


We will now take a quick look at what the other tabs on this card do. Some of them will be looked at in more detail elsewhere.


This shows the location of your school’s premises where you have classrooms. Just click Add Location and fill in the details. Remember to click Active or you will not be able to use the address. If  your school takes on extra premises over the summer you can add the address here and when the busy period has ended just make the location inactive and it will not appear.



We are not currently using this, but it stores your teachers’ pay grades. We hope to add a feature where SchoolManager will calculate teachers’ pay shortly.


This holds your classrooms. The Room Code is used as an abreviation on the timetables. SchoolManager can link your classrooms into Google calendar. There is another tutorial which explains how to do that.


If you want to add a classroom click Add Room and fill in the details. Remember to tick the room as active to appear on timetables etc.,

School Holiday

Your school probably bases course start and end dates around the main holidays. However, if there are some odd dates that will not have lessons on them add them here and then the system will not schedule lessons on those days.

Timetable Template

This is where you design the way that the teaching sessions and breaks will appear for use in scheduling classes and teachers. There is a separate guide to working with this here.

Welcome Page

When students log into their account with your school this is the first page that they will see. This can be written in any number of languages of your choice. There is a separate guide to working with this here.

School Templates

There are a number of documents which are created automatically by the system when items are booked. This is where the layout of the documents is created. There is a separate guide to working with these here.