Custom fields are areas you can add to Student Enquiry and Student cards to record extra information which doesn’t have a place on the card.

There are different types of items you can add. Here is a brief explanation  of each:

Label – this allows you to put a headings into the custom fields between sections.

Text Box – this is a single line box to hold your data. There are two types of data: integer and sting. You can also make it obligatory that his box is filled in when creating your student enquiry or student.

Check Box – this is for adding ticks

MultiLine Text Box – very similar to the text box but you can add more lines. You can also make it obligatory that this box is filled as with a Text Box.

Drop Down – here you can select from down options you have created

Title – You can give your custom fields section a title.

Here is a short video showing how to create Custom Fields.