Daily Sales Report

This brings together all the finance items: course, transfer, sundry, accommodation and package that have been added to a booking and that have had a sales document: pro forma, invoice or credit note created. If the booking has not had a document created it will not appear here.

The purpose of this report is to allow an analysis of when sales are made; you may want, for example, to compare January this year with January last year so you can see how your sales compare.

This is the top section where you can select the parameters of the report. The main ones are:

  • From and To Date  – this will search the dates that documents were created and so will give you the Daily Sales Report for that period
  • Last Name and First Name – you can use this for a student search.
  • Document Type – the types are Pro Formas, Invoices, Locked invoices and Credit Notes; leaving it as it is will produce all documents.


The bottom section looks like this. The Start and End Dates are when the bookings are actually for. The Date column shows the date of the sale. The final columns show the value of what was actually sold.