Email Settings

When your school’s account we ask you for your email settings. Once these have been input you can email from SchoolManager using your default email address. Only one email address can be held in the system per school.

Sending Emails 

There are a number of places where emails can be sent from:

  • Direct From User Card

All users, except School Admin, can be emailed from their user card by clicking on the Email icon


  •  From User Lists

You can either send emails to individuals, a page or the whole of a user type.


  •  Token Values

These allow you to personalise the email that you send. Here are the token values for emails to students:


So, if the following email were sent to a number of students:


each one would receive an email addressed to their first names and containing their own individual user name and password.

Are emails sent in bulk considered as spam?

No. Emails are sent out one-by-one and not seen as spam but you should make sure that you have good email addresses for your users. If your emails bounce back as not known too frequently it can affect your email address’ rating.

How can I select new students that have not been sent users names and passwords?

You may want to send out log in details on a monthly basis for the new batch of students who have enrolled. New students are always added to the last pages on the student list, so if you know who you sent emails to last month you can just carry on from there.