Finance Card

This card is used to select the items to add to the booking.

Once you have entered the booking details on the General card and click Save the other 3 cards: Finance, Invoice and Visas etc., will become live.

Here is the Finance Card; as you can see there are four basic categories of items, the last, Package, is a combination of the basic four offered as part of a promotion, for example.


The items you can select to add to a booking are created and controlled from “School Items” on the main menu. One important point is that if you wish to select a course then the student’s booking dates must be within the dates of the course in “School Items.”

A few comments  regarding the dates of the booking.

Course Dates – the system will choose as a default the first Monday after the arrival date as the course start date and select the departure date as the finish date of the course. This may mean you will need to change the To date.

Accommodation Dates – the system will use the Arrival and Departure dates as the dates to be used in booking accommodation.

Sundry and Transfer – the Arrival date is used as a default for booking these items. This is fine if you are booking a transfer for arrival but if you are booking a departure transfer you will need to change the date. You will need to change the date if a Sundry item is an excursion etc., to the correct date.

Here is a short video showing items being selected for a booking: