Group Bookings

Group bookings are when multiple booking items of the same type are bought by a group of students

To create a Group Booking go to School Items – Groups – Add and a page similar to the Booking card for an individual student will appear


Most of the above should be familar from creating a booking for an individual student The differences are the need for a Group Name and Code to distinguish it from other groups and the capacity i.e. the number of students in the group.


Once you have clicked Save the other tabs on the card will become live. Here are a few notes on students:

  • Obviously, the students that you want to place in the group must have been created in your account beforehand. If you have new students you can do this individually or, if there are a lot of students, you may want to upload them via an Excel sheet. You will find more on that here. If you are uploading a group of students it might be useful to put the Group Code in the Comments field as you can search for them very easily.
  • When you are selecting students to join the group only students who do not have an Open Booking will be choosable. If you cannot see a student check the Bookings tab on the student’s card and if there is a booking make sure the status is Closed.
  • You cannot mix students i.e. students connected with one agent cannot be placed in a group with students associated with another agent or direct students.
  • Once you have selected your students for the group you can nominate one to be the Group Leader or if the Group Leader is separate from the students i.e. not taking classes you can add them to list of students after you have booked the items that the group is purchasing.

Group Finance

Everything that you purchase for the group is multiplied by the number of students in the group. So, if have 10 students in your group and you select a course via the Group Finance 10 courses places will be booked.

There will be items that do not need to be ordered for every member of the group i.e. transfers, as students can share, or possibily the Group Leader wants a different type of accommodation. To add these items go to either a student’s card if the item is for a student, or if it is it is for the whole group you can add it to the Group Leader’s booking.


All items bought via the Group Finance card (above) will appear on one invoice. All items booked via a student or group leader’s card will appear on an invoice on their card. So if you book 10 courses and 3 taxis you will have two invoices. the invoices can be made out to the agent or student as you wish.

Here is a short video on creating a group booking.

After Creating the Booking

After the booking has been made the situation re the booking items will be as follows:

Courses – students will automatically be placed in Classing for assigning to classes and then placed in classrooms via Timetabling.

Accommodation – this will need to be booked for each student using the Booking ID on their card. See here for more information.

Transport – this will also need to be booked using the Booking ID again. See here for more information.