Host Payments

The purpose of this report is to search amounts due to host families and see what payments are to be paid within a selected period.

Schools pay their host families in many different ways.  Some schools pay their hosts every two weeks, others monthly, some schools pay in advance others in arrears. This report allows you to enter your method for paying and then see the results.

(Please note finance amounts only appear here once the pro forma or invoice for the booking has been created on the student’s card.)

Payments which are added here are fed back to the Finance Tab on individual hosts’ cards. Hosts can also see this information when they log in.

First an explanation of the report. The Total Value column shows us the value to be paid to the host according to the figures used on the price list. In this particular example we can see that nothing has been paid as the Payment Total fields are empty.

Searched Amount

At the top there are two fields: Date From & Date To; when these are filled in the system looks at the Total Value and which dates it relates to – the accommodation booking dates – and then places in the Searched Amount column how much is due to be paid according to the searched dates.

Here is one example from 23rd to 29th


Here is the same data with different search dates:



You can also search the payments to see all hosts who have a monies owing to them. Put a number in the Balance field and the system will show you all balances equal to or larger than that figure plus any invoices which have not been created.

All the above can be exported to Excel and used to make bank payments.

Add Payments

Payments to Host Families can also be recorded here. Hosts can see this information when they log  in.

Here is a short video showing all the above points: