Invoices etc., – The Basics

We saw in the article about the invoice card  how to quickly create an invoice for a student and an agent. We will now look at invoicing and the type of documents that can be created and associated items in more depth. First we will look at the page which appears on the Invoice card:


Invoice List – there is nothing in this section at the moment because we haven’t created anything but afterwards the documents will show here.

Invoice Details – here is an explanation of the items in this section:

The first thing you can do is to decide what type of document you want to create:

  • Pro forma – this will create a document which contains all the booking’s items, prices and payment details. Pro formas are not entered into the accounting system and can be cancelled or altered without any problems. They are ideal for potential students because if they don’t enrol they can just be deleted and if they do the pro forma can be converted into an invoice.
  • Invoice – click here to create an invoice. You will see later these have two possible statuses: unlocked and locked. An unlocked invoice can have items removed and added to the invoice and a locked invoice cannot be changed, all you can do is reverse the locked invoice by creating a credit note.

Next you can decide who you want to create the document for:

  • Agent – click here to produce an invoice for the Agent. If a student is associated with an Agent when you are booking items they will be booked to the Agent by default but you can override this if the student wants to pay for some items themselves.If the student is a Direct student and not associated with an Agent you cannot produce an Agent’s invoice.
  • Student – click here to produce an invoice for the student.

Now you can select the way the document should be calculated:

  • Net – means after deduction of agent’s commission.
  • Gross – which means without deduction of agent’s commission. This button will appear if you click the Student option.

Invoices can be produced either Gross or Net for Agents. Only Gross invoices can be produced for a Direct student.

  • Invoice Number – this is controlled from the Finance Section in Settings. Click here.
  • Invoice Date – this is that day’s date by default but can be overridden. This is controlled from the Finance Section in Settings. Click here.
  • Payment Due Date – this is a pre set number of days after that day’s date. This is controlled from the Finance Section in Settings. Click here.
  • Total Credited – if you cancelled a locked invoice, a credit note will be created and the credit total shown here.

As you click on the invoice options: student, agent, gross, net the amount displayed in the Totals will change

  • Gross Total – this is taken from the Finance card
  • Net Total – this is taken from the Finance card.
  • Total Paid – amount paid. There is an explanation of how to add payments from Agents here and Students here.
  • Invoice Comments – anything you type here will appear on the invoice.

When you have selected the type of document you want click the blue create button and the document will appear in the Invoice List section at the top of the card.

Here is a short video showing how to make an invoice