We saw here how to create basic pro formas and invoices for students and agents. Now we will look at making changes to bookings and the documents connected to them.

Pro formas

First we will look at the pro forma. The pro forma is a non tax document which is sometimes issued in place of an invoice until payment is received.  You can edit a pro forma and add payments to it just like as invoice (see below).

When you want to convert a pro forma to an invoice click Create Invoice and it will be changed and you can continue to edit the invoice if you wish.


Changing an Invoice

An invoice has two possible statuses: Locked or Unlocked. An invoice which is not locked can be changed at anytime.


You can remove or add items to or from an invoice via the Finance card. When you have finished you must remember to refresh the invoice on the Invoice card.

Here is a short video showing you how:

Locking an Invoice

Once an invoice has been locked you cannot edit it. If you need to make a change you will need to cancel the whole invoice by creating a credit note. You can then create a fresh invoice if required.

Why Lock an Invoice?

Schools which have more involved accounting systems may require that invoices are locked so that figures and statistics that are created at certain dates, such as year end, cannot be changed without a corresponding opposite entry – a credit note. There is one report in the system – Deferred Income – which requires invoices to be locked to be able to produce accurate figures.

Here is a short video on How to Lock an Invoice and Create a Credit Note