Look Ups

When you are working in SchoolManager you will notice that often you are asked to select from a drop down list i.e.


Some of these selections are filled in from other parts of the system, i.e. the Agent’s name comes from the Agent’s card, but others are created and held in:

Menu – School Admin – Look Ups – List.

Many of them are concerned with accommodation preferences. This short video will show you some of the accommodation drop downs and where they appear.

Most of the drop down items are straight forward but below is some information on them.

Allocation Rules


When you allocate a payment to an invoice you can stipulate the order in which the payment is to be allocated. In the above example the credit will pay off the debt for the course first. If there is a credit left then accommodation will be paid next and so on. It is particuarly useful when you have a single payment from an agent for a number of bookings.

Assessment Status


You can record and give students assessment certificates about their study progress. This is where the marks used in Student Assessments are held. You can use letters, numbers or comments for each of the skills assessed

Attendance Status


This is a pre-set of how much weight is given to the student’s absence or presence. These figures are used in reports elsewhere in the system. You can change the weighting if you wish but not add to the four status types.

Class Type


When you are creating your classes you might want to distinguish between the different types that you have.



If you give students certificates when they are leaving you will see elsewhere in the system how you can print out all the certificates in seconds. What Comments does is allow you to insert a comment into each student’s certificate via a drop down. If you don’t want to change anything then the comment in postion 1 will default and will go into the certificate automatically.

These Comments are also used in Student Assessments

Contact Type


In SchoolManager there is a basic CRM system for contacting and keeping records of contacts for prospective students. This drop down allows you to record the type of contact you have had with a prospective student.



Your school’s account will be preloaded with around 150 countries. You will need to deactivate those countries you do not take students from and also to make sure that the visa requirement status is correct for your location. The list of countries show the regions as described by EnglishUK. Reports can be produced of sales based the students’ country/region.



These are the currencies which you have your price lists in.

Enquiry Source


When you create a student in the system you can record how they heard of your school. You can then analyse where your students are coming from and where your marketing budget gives the best return.



These are the choices available on the students’ card to fill the mother tongue and correspondance languages.



Marks are used to complete Student Progress reports. The Grade Result and the Result are linked to the Mark and are filled in automatically in the report just by selecting the Mark. So, if you select Mark 7 the Grade Result will be B+ and the Result will be a Pass. The above are only examples you can create your own marking/grading system as you wish.



This is where the descriptions for different types of accommodation hosts are held.

Receipt Payment Type


Here you can keep the different type of payments you receive. This is used when allocating payments from agents and creating receipts for students.

Room Block Type


You can block classrooms to make them unavailable for lessons on the timetables. Here you can record the reason for the unavailability.

Student Level


You can choose how you want to record your students’ language level here. These levels are selected on the students’ cards and can be seen in Classing so you can move students into appropriate classes.

Student Position


This can be used in Group Bookings if you want to distinguish between students and others in the group.

Teacher Block Type


If a teacher is unavailable for lessons you can create the reasons to choose from here.

Teacher Contract Type


These are used when creating a teacher.

Teacher Postion


If you want to distinguish by the different types of teacher in your school this is where you can define them. These are choices when creating a teacher.

Teacher Qualification


You can add your qualification types here and choose from them when creating a teacher.

Test Subject


These drop downs are used when completing student progress reports.

Test Type


These drop downs are used when completing student progress reports.



Fairly obvious this one.

Travel Locations


When you create a transfer item in a booking you will need to select pick up and drop off points. An airport as a pick up point is fairly straight forward but with a lot of host families  it can be difficult. The best thing might be to create areas that correspond to the prices that you are charged by transport providers. The exact address is added to the transfer when you create the booking.

Visa Type


When you create a student from a country whose citizens require a visa to enter yours, you will need to select the type of visa that they have or are applying for.

Adding Drop Down Items

Here is a short video on how to add drop down items: