The Master Price List

The Master Price List holds your Price Lists which in turn contain your booking items: accommodation, courses, transfers, sundry items and packages and the pricing information for them. When you create a booking you will need will need to tell the system which Master Price List and which currency to use in applying prices to the booking.

You can have different price lists for different countries or regions but most schools are happy with one Master Price List at any given time as it can hold different currencies. You might want to create a new Master Price List  for each new school year.

How to create a Master Price List

Go to Course Admin – Master Price Item – Add


Decide what you want to name your Master Price List, click Active and then Update. If you click on List you can see all your price lists.


Price Items

Although this Master Price List has been created there is nothing in it yet. We need to add items; courses, etc., and the prices associated with them to this Master Price List. This is done via Price Item.