Role Management

SchoolManager allows you to define what users can see and do in your school’s SchoolManager account. There are a number of basic defaults that come with the system that you can alter but it will change the access rights of all users of that user type.

It is a good idea when you set or change permissions for a user type to log in as such a user and check that you are happy with what they can see and do.

Under School Admin – Role – List you will see the following:


These are the basic types of users that can log in. First we will deal with the straight forward ones: Accommodation Hosts, Agent and Student. There is a selection of pages which they can see if they have their log in details. We will use Accommodation Host as an example but the principle is the same for the other two. If you click on the ID number you will see a page like this:


This shows all the different types of access and permissions in the system. We can see that Acommodation Hosts have 6 permissions, if we click on it we can see that these permissions are:

2014-06-25_1719The six permissions relate directly to what an Accommodation Host can see when they log in:


So if you don’t want your hosts to see the Finance behind their bookings untick the “Can Access Finance” box and no Hosts will be able to see that information.

This works exactly the same way for Agents and Students with their permissions.

School Administrators – the default setting is that they can see and do everything in the system. However, they need to be given specific permission.