Attendance Summary

This report allows you to search all students in one place to check for low attendance.

You can search via the following criteria:


A brief explanation:

  • Visa Student – if you need to pay special attendance to those students who have visas then ticking this box will search only those students.
  • Active Students – when a student leaves your school you can make them inactive which means they will not be included in results.
  • Lesson Date – use this if a paricular time period i.e the last 30 days.
  • Percentage Expected – if a student is given permission to miss a lesson their attendance is marked as Excused this does not count against them in terms of attendance.
  • Percentage Attended – if a student misses a lesson or part of a lesson without permission they are marked as absent and their attendance percentage is reduced.
  • Example 1 – suppose there are 4 lessons and a student misses one;  their percentage attended and expected will be 75%
  • Example 2 – suppose there are 4 lessons and a student is excused one;  their percentage attended will be 75% and their attendance       expected will be 100%

Here is a short video showing how to use the report: