Working with Student Enquiries

We saw how to create a Student Enquiry here. Now we will look at working with them.

Go to Menu – Users – Student Enquiry – List and a list of your student enquiries will appear:


If you click on the ID it will take you to the Student Enquiry card:


We will now look at how to use the two tabs: Follow Up and Reminder.

Follow Up

The Follow Up card allows you to record contacts you have had with the prospective student. Click “Add Follow Up” and add the details:



If the select email as the follow up type you can also send an email from this page


When you have finished click Save and you will be able to see a record of your Follow Ups:



You can schedule reminders to appear on your dashboard. Click “Add Reminder” and fill in the details.


Converting Student Enquiries to Students

When the prospective student becomes an actual student if you click on the Convert to Student arrow, the system will remove the person from Student Enquiries and create a Students card.


You will need to give them a user name and password on the student card. All information and documents are transfered as well. Items in the custom fields and course fields, if completed on the Student Enquiry card, will be transfered to the comments field on the Student’s card.