How to create a Student.

Go to Menu – Users – Student – Add and a blank card will appear. Here we will look at the sections on the card and how to fill them in.

Basic Information Section.

This is fairly straight forward. The system asks you to select an agent to link the student to. If the student is not connected to an agent select Direct. Once a student has been connected to an agent it cannot be changed.


Contact Information

Again this should be quite clear.

One point is that the “Country” should be listed in your Look Ups

The Enquiry Source is to allow you to track where your students are coming to you from. You can export your students and analyse these fields in Excel.

Clicking on the email and Skype icons allows you to contact the student from here.


Web Access

See the notes in Creating Users – The Basics about user names and passwords. There is also an article on logging in here.

If a student has the Active box ticked then, if they have their user name and password, they can access their account. So that you don’t have to worry about deactivation after a student has finished their course and left your school, there is an automatic deactivate X days after they depart set by you. This is controlled from “Student Deactive Days” in Settings. For an explanation click here.



The Notes section can searched in Users – Student – List. Follow Up On, if completed, will create an Alert on the dashboard in the Student – Reminder section. It is useful if want to schedule interviews etc.,


Visa Information

If a student’s nationality requires a visa to enter your country according to the data in your school’s account the Visa Required section will automatically appear and need to be filled in. This can be a problem if the student doesn’t have that information yet, but something will need to be put there.

CAS is “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies” and is used in the UK. You can ignore this or perhaps adapt it your own country if you have something similar.

You can also upload copies of passports, visas and CAS and access them directly from the Student card.


Custom Information

This is a space where you can add your own fields to hold extra data. For an explanation of how to create these click here.

2014-07-20_1431When you have finished inputting data click Save.

If everything is okay you will get a successful message at the top of the page. If not look over the fields on the card for a message explaining what is wrong.

After the successful message if you go to “Click Here to Edit” it will take you to the student’s card and the 4 additional tabs at the top of the card will be activated and change from grey to blue.

Working with these tabs is explained in another article here.