Working with Students

We saw how to create a Student here. Now we will look at working with them.

Go to Menu – Users – Student – List and a list of your active students will appear ( You can search for inactive ones but the default start list is for active students):

2014-07-21_1800If you click on the ID it will take you to the Student’s card:


We will now look at these extra tabs and what they are used for.


This is a very important part of the system. It is where a history of the student’s bookings with your school is kept and new bookings added. This is an overview of the students’ card, we will be looking at creating bookings in more detail in the Creating Booking Items sections.


If you click on the Booking ID it will open up all the information on that booking.


As you can see above clicking on the Booking ID displays a further set of tabs: General, Finance, Invoice and Visas associated with that particular booking.

  • General can be seen above it basically sets the parameters of the booking.
  • Finance this is where you add booking items: Course, Transfer, Sundry, Accommodation and Package to the booking.
  • Invoice is where the invoice(s) for the booking are created and held. They can also be printed out and emailed from here.
  • Visas etc., letters and documents connected with the booking are created automatically. They can also be printed out and emailed from here.

Going back to the main card we can see the following tabs connected with attendance: 


Attendance is generally completed enmasse for all students and is explained here but these tabs allow you to see the attendance for the individual student and even enter attendance here.

Add Attendance

If an attendance has not been entered via Fill Attendance you can complete it here as shown in this video:

However, if a user then fills in attendance using the auto fill feature it will overwrite the attendance if care is not paid. Another way to change attendance/add comments is after auto fill has been used. Please see the following short video.

Attendance Details

This card gives details of every lesson the student was entered for. Changes can be made by clicking on the lesson ID.


Attendance Summary

This cards totals the individual lessons shown on the Attendance Details card.

Student Progress

If you fill in progress reports for your students the reports for the individual student are stored on this card.


Student Assessment

If you fill in assessment reports for your students the reports for the individual student are stored on this card.



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