Teacher Blocks

Teachers’ timetables can be blocked to prevent lessons being allocated to them when they are unavailable.  Go to School Admin – Teacher Block – Add and the following will appear:


Add Teacher – click the blue button and a list of your active teachers will appear. Tick the box next to the one you want to block.

Block Type – from the drop down menu select the reason for the blocking. These drop downs are explained here.

Start Date & To Date – enter the dates the block will begin and end. If it is a one-off enter the same date as the start and finish.

Day Of Week – enter the day(s) the block is for. So if you have a teacher who is unavailable meeting every Monday from 9am to 10 am October to December your screen should look like this:


Tick  Active and when you have finished click Save. You will see that the block has been added to Teacher Block – List


Note you cannot add a block if the teacher already has a lesson scheduled. You would need to delete it it or move it to another teacher first.