How to create a Teacher.

Go to Menu – Users – Teacher – Add and the card will appear

Basic Information.

This is fairly straight forward.


Contact Information


Web Access

See the notes in Creating Users – The Basics about user names and passwords. There is also an article on logging in here.


Contract Information

When the contract “To Date” is within a pre set time range an alert with the teacher’s name will appear on the dashboard. Most of the other items are concerned with teachers’ pay calculations; these are not possible at the moment but will be added in the near future.


When you have finished inputting data click Save.

If everything is okay you will get a successful message at the top of the page. If not look over the fields on the card for a message explaining what is wrong.

After the successful message if you go to “Click Here to Edit” it will take you to the teacher’s card and the 2 additional tabs at the top of the card will be activated and change from grey to blue.

Working with these tabs is explained in another article here.



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