This is where you place the Classes – which you created in Classing – into classrooms and assign a teacher to the classes.

Timetables are held under Course Admin – Timetable – Plan

Here is a timetable that was created earlier below are explanations of what you can see.


Add Task in Google Calendar – there is the ability to link your timetable to a Google calendar, this is a little advanced so we will leave that for the moment.

Timetable – you need to select a timetable that you have created earlier from the drop down to appear on the screen.

Location – If your school has a number of locations you can select the classrooms for that location that yo want to appear. If you don’t select a location all classrooms will appear.

Start From – you can enter the date that you would like to see the timetable for, but regardless of the day of the week you enter the timetable will always start on the Monday of that week.

On the lefthand side we have Slot and Cap

Slot – these are the teaching and break time slots that were created

Cap – this is the capacity of the classroom. There is no block on putting a higher number of students in the room than the capacity. It is just there as a reminder

Under the date you can see the day of the week and 3 columns; they are labelled at the very bottom of the screen: Rm, Class, and Tch. Also In the screen shot above you can see a box with Teacher Name and Class Name. This contains all your active teachers and all your live Classes in the selected week.

Rm – is the abreviated name for this classroom in the system.

Class – this is where the Class will be placed when chosen from the box on the right

Tch – this is where the Teacher will be placed when chosen from the box on the right

Returning to the box on the right at the top we can see:


When you select a Teacher or a Class to drag and drop into the timetable, you need to select one of the three options at the top. Items are placed in the timetable for Monday to Friday by default, weekends have to be done separately.

Here is an explanation of what these options do.

Inset Once – this will place the Teacher or Class into one time slot for the classroom in the timetable.

Insert in all empty class – this will place the Teacher or Class into all unoccupied time slots for that classroom at that time in the timetable.

Replace in all class – this will replace the Teacher or Class into all occupied time slots for that classroom at that time in the timetable.

Here is a video showing how to fill the timetable: