When you create your SchoolManager account you may want to upload items into your account rather than creating them one at a time. The items which can be uploaded are: Agent, Student, Student Enquiry, Teacher, Country and Accommodation Host.

Obviously, once your school is up and running you may want to upload again if you have a large intake of students, for example.

Items are uploaded on Excel sheets via School Admin – Upload.

The basic principles are exactly the same for all types of upload. In this article we will look at uploading students. Student uploads are the most complicated as they have the most options.

To get the file to for uploading students go to School Admin – Upload – Student. Click on Download Sample File


An Excel sheet will appear. Some of the columns will be coloured yellow, here is a section from the sheet.


Some notes on the Excel sheet.

  • Yellow items are obligatory.

Even if you do not have the information at the time of the upload the field must be filled. You can change it later.

  • Look Ups

Some of the items, such as, in the above example, Title and Nationality are already in the system under Look Ups. So if you want to use a new title – Dr – you will need to add it to Look Ups first. Also on the Excel sheet it must be in exactly the same format as in Looks Ups. So if in Look Ups it says “Mr.” you must remember to put the “.” and use a capital “M”

  • Other Items

Using the above Excel sheet as an example if you want to upload a student as being connected to an Agent, the Agent must  already have been created in your account. The name used in the agent field must be exactly the same as on the agent’s card. If the student is not connected with an agent put Direct.

Some other fields are choices between two options: MALE/FEMALE, TRUE/FALSE, ACTIVE/INACTIVE

  • Dates

Use American format; mm/dd/yyyy

  • Country

If the student is from a country who are required to have visas you will need to fill in the fields releating to visas on the Excel sheet.

  • How to Check What’s What

If you are not sure what to put in the various fields just go to the create student card and click on the drop downs and see what options are offered.

Here is a short video showing how to upload students: