User Log Ins

Who can log in?

School Admin, Students, Hosts, Agents and Teachers can all log into your school’s SchoolManager account. However, they can only log in if they have been given the location to log in at and their user names and passwords.

What can they see and do?

This varies user type by user type; you might find it useful to log in as each type of user to double check what they can see and do. Here is a summary of basic permissions:

  • School Admin

They can see and do anything in the system. We can set up different sorts of School Admin permissions for use in different parts of your school but it isn’t so easy to do because so many things in the system are inter-dependent.

  • Students

These are the cards that a student can see; they can be switched on/off in role management.


  • Host Families

These are the cards that a host can see. A host can actually block a room if they want using the Room Block card. Again these can be switched on/off in role management.


  •  Agents

Agents can actually go deeper into the system and see the details of their students, the students bookings and the finances behind these bookings. They can also see the amounts they owe t0 your school and what they have paid and to which bookings their payments have been allocateed. They can also see amounts that they have paid and which haven’t been allocated. These six basic cards can be switched on/off in role management.


  • Teachers

The way the system is designed is to allow attendance, progress reports etc., to be put in by School Admin for the whole school. The reason for this is that teachers in schools that teach international students are often in the school for too short a time to be trained in using SchoolManager. For teachers who are in the school for a longer time we can create a Senior Teacher access if they are involved in completing reports etc.,

Emailing User Names and Passwords

These can be emailed individually or in bulk. Please see here.

Changing User Names & Passwords

All users can change their log in details but they will need to know the basic rules. You could put these in any email you send with the initial user names and passwords.

How can I tell who can log in?

Students have log in rights removed from them a fixed number of days after their course ends. This period is fixed in Settings and you can change it as you want.

All other users have ongoing access but if you make them inactive you automatically remove their right to enter the system. In some cases this is done on the card but in others you can also go to the list and untick them to remove their access rights. Here are some teachers as an example: