Visas etc., Card

This card creates and holds the documents connected with the student’s booking. The documents that are on this card depend on which items are booked. If there are two transfers booked, for example, then there will be two transfer documents.

These documents are created from the templates held in your school’s account. These templates must be created and loaded before these documents can be produced. You will find more information here.

Here is a list of possible items for a booking:

Accommodation – the students details will be filled in when the booking is created and when the accommodation is booked then so will the host’s. The finished document can then be printed out or emailed to the host.

Course – there are a number of different types of document possible. Firstly we have: Child Visa, Adult Visa, Certificate of Attendance and Extra. They don’t have to be used for visas but can be adapted and used for bank letters, immigration, police etc.,

This section contains two more documents: Letter 1 and Letter 2. These are used to produce warning letters for students about their low attendance in the school. When created they appear in the Warning Letter Report. You can find out more, including a video, on how to create the letter here.

Transfer – this is similar to accommodation, when the transfer is booked the details of the transport company will be inserted into the document alongside the students and can then be emailed or printed out.