Working with Users – The Basics

This section looks at what happens once you have created your users. There are a number of points consistant to working with all types of user. To save repeating these items for each type here is a summary of these basic points.

When a user is created you will see a message


If you click on Edit you can start to work on the card straight away.

Once a User has been created to get to their card you will need to go:


And click on List and a list of all of that type of User will appear:

Here is an example of the Student List:


To go to the User’s card click on their ID number. In the first example it is 710.

Here is an explanation of the other items:

  • 1 of 7: This is the first of seven pages of students. There are up to 10 users per page.
  • The Arrows move you forwards and backwards through the pages.
  • The Magnifying Glass icon opens up the search feature for this list. Here is an example of the Search feature for Students. You can combine different elements i.e. all male students aged 26 from Spain.


  • Excel icon – Export the list to Excel

Send Email

  • If you click the box on the left of the student’s line you can send an email to that student.
  • If you click the box just below Send Email. It will automatically select all the students on that particular page.
  • If you click on “Select All” all students on all pages will be sent an email.

Token Values

These allow you to insert  a symbol into the email so that you can send personalised emails to all selected recipients. The Token Values available for the Student List are:



Which means if you write “Dear [FIRSTNAME]” in your email then each recipient will receive an email individually addressed to them. Click on Token Values for each type of user to see what can be sent.

Sending an Email

Once you have selected a student(s) and click on Send Email the following will appear so you can add your text, attach files etc.,


When you have written your email make sure you click Multiple Send at the bottom:


Email Settings

You can have your SchoolManager account configured to send emails using your school’s regular email address and replies will go straight back to you. If we do not have your email settings then emails will go from our server which is a No Reply Address, so recipients will not be able to respond to your email so easily.